Alcatel Terminatel 254


I recently bought an Alcatel Terminatel 254 but I am unable to connect to a Viewdata service. It does not detect the carrier tone and C keeps flashing until it disconnects.

It behaves like it cannot hear the audio from the telephone line, and I hear nothing in the speaker when it dials. The text from this document makes me think I should be able to hear it as it dials -

« amplificateur permettant de suivre la composition des numeros, avec niveau de son reglable »

If I switch it to upload at 1200 baud I hear the answer tone in the speaker but not on the telephone line.

I made a Youtube Video showing the problem.

@hwarin has made some helpful suggestions but so far I cannot get it working.

Also, if anyone has the manual for the 254 in any language, it would be very helpful.

Thanks for your help.