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thanks to everyone, the ATOMIO software worked perfectly, via pabx and minitel terminal with 56k robotic usr modem, I attach photos, I was wondering I don’t know how to edit the pages and create new ones with ATOMIO, can anyone help me with Atomio

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Guys, how can I create or modify pages in ATX format with Atomio? can anyone give me an example?


Try to make your pages with that :wink: MiEdit

If my memory is good, you can add your VDT pages in Atomio, but i don’t remember exactly how i did it ^^

C’est juste l’extension du fichier qui change, .vdt / .vtx / .atx , le contenu reste le même, non ?

Of course I’ll try, I know little French, if I understood correctly as Hytrel said, the pages created with MiEdit should work, on Atomio, I only tried DEMO.atx but there are some linked pages, and I don’t know how to do it

Pour ceux que ça intéresse, les 2 premiers codes pour déverrouiller les modules d’Atomio avait été donnés déjà ici. Il en manquait 2… Celui de l’ATXL et de Dialogue Direct…

Les voilà :wink:

Un petit peu de magie et ça marche :wink:

Grazie ad Hytrel,
Thanks to Hytrel,
for news I managed via NTVDMx64, here is the link
NTVDMx64 by Leecher1337 I managed to install ATOMIO3 on Windows 10, it works perfectly except that sometimes it runs a little slow, if you want to try, it allows you to run 16-bit programs, you can uninstall it in any moment.

Do my 2 codes have help you to unlock the 2 modules or you have unlock them before by yourself ?

I will try your atomio’s version :wink:

hi, the codes always need activation, and I thank you, the link above is only to run Atomio on a modern machine like win 8 or win 10, it emulates 16 bit programs, then I ran Atomio with usr robotica com 1 modem, everything works perfectly