Blockparty 2022 - 23 & 24 Avril, Cambridge, UK

Bonjour, hello, please forgive me posting in English but my French is dreadful!

We are very glad to be hosting ‹ Blockparty 2022 › at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, UK to celebrate the world of Videotex - more information here: Block Party 2022 - 23rd & 24th April - Event Ticket - Computing History

Historically, these events have been more focussed on Teletext services, such as the BBC’s Ceefax service, and about the technologies used to create pages and recover data from video tapes etc. This year we’re expanding it to include online services such as Prestel and Minitel, and I will be bringing my own collection of Prestel and Mnitel terminals, plus highlights from the museum’s collection. I’ll also (hopefully) be demonstrating how these physical terminals can be used to access online services such as and UK Prestel-like services such as Telstar.

I know it’s a bit of a journey to Cambridge, but all of you on this forum would be very welcome to come visit and say hello (or bonjour!).

Tony Jewell (Centre for Computing History)

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This sounds interesting, I was aware of the Blockparty but didn’t know there’d be a section related to Prestel. What day would be best to come for the Prestel stuff?


Just seeing this post (and replyed just before to a PM of Tony)

Currently, I don’t know if I’ll be available for a trip to Cambridge the 23/04 or 24/04 but that would be really a nice idea.

==> Any French people planning to join ?

Another event planned with Prestel/Minitel stuff (pushed by Matthew 2EOSIP in telstar’s ML) : at Eastnor from 02/06 to 05/06 - much more expansive (160£ ??!!)

Well, after few time and discussions with mom and myself, I will unfortunately unplan any physical meeting from the 15/04 in order to be absolutely certain to be covid safe for the PeeWee tournament in Canada planned by start of may … As a consequence, I won’t join (physically) the 23/24.

I hope that something will be possible later but quite soon …