[EN] philips TM9A

Good morning, i’m Massimo from Italy.

I apologize if I write in English but my french is… nothing :frowning:
I bought a Philips TM9A and it has a 25 pin parallel port (the manual says that i can connect a printer on it) and a 37 pin port, but i can’t identify it (maybe it was better if i bought a similar terminal but with the DIN port).
I would to use it as a terminal, but i can’t find any info (apart of a very skinny user manual) about this terminal, and in particular this 37 port (if it is a serial port, it would be easy to use it).

Do you have some infos?
and if it is impossibile, do you use some terminal via the RJ11, and a modem connected on a unix server?

Thank you in advance

Thank you.

Hello Massimo,

For the Minitel, the DIN port has the following properties: :link: STUM1B

1. Rx (minitel recieves)
2. Ground
3. Tx (minitel sends)
4. PT signal, if ON, means data comes from phone line
5. Power (5V)

We only need Tx, Rx and GND, to transmit or receive data from the Minitel, and each of those functions are exposed in the RS-232 standard (serial port) for plugs DB-9, -25 and -37. I would try to connect the computer to the Philips TM9A with an USB to Serial adapter (you can find many on Amazon). Then (on Linux) the port will look like /dev/ttyUSBN with N an integer. Finally, set the tty with command stty at the correct speed in bauds (1200 for the Minitel) and the expected parity (for the minitel ODD).

If the RJ-11 was used to connect the terminal to the PSTN network, so it is possible. But you have to own a modem and the setup might be more complex…

I hope this helps :crossed_fingers: