Introducing dadecoza

Hello from South Africa. :slight_smile:

I recently got my hands on a UK Minitel 1. I don’t know how it ended up in South Africa but my guess would be that they wanted to pilot the service here.

I love this little device and enjoy playing with it.

Here are some of my projects …
Text adventure game … (
Displaying images … (
Connecting to a BBS … (

This minitel is different than other model 1 versions. It has a QWERTY keyboard layout and annoyingly no Fnct key.

Does anyone know how to disable local echo without the Fnct key?

I’m very happy that I discovered this forum and is going to take some to read through the topics.

Johannes le Roux

Welcome Dadecoza ! :slight_smile:

Welcome dadecoza. It’s not everyday we see a Qwerty minitel. The Fnct key appeared from the 1B model.

Nice works you made!

1 J'aime

Hi , dadecoza

I’m very happy to see you comming there, and yes, QWERTY Minitels are quite uncommon. May be you could post some pictures of your terminal in order to help us to identify it [front, back, any stickers and serial numbers].

The local echo feature is « by design » and allow basic testing while not connected. The absence of FNCT key might (should) denote of a M1 (and not M1b) early model. I’ve not yet went to see your code but you might fix the local echo issue with some protocol commands PRO2/STOP/KEYBOARD/MODEM and PRO2/STOP/MODEM/SCREEN, if it’s unsufficient, add PRO2/START/KEYBOARD/SERIAL (sorry, I don’t have exact ASCII codes at hand, but I can provide you if you can’t translate) it will answer you with 2 or 3 PRO1/STATUS that you’ll can discard safely.

Would be also interested to know the ROM version (may be on stickers), and, if you can, a ROM dump.

Regards - Hervé