Minitel - US Videotel V2000 M1B Need help!

Hello to everyone here. I see a couple familiar faces from twitter already – awesome to see.

I have a few questions regarding this that I recently purchased.

My plan is to connect it to a raspberry pi 2 using one of the various minitel tutorials I’ve found online. I haven’t heard of anyone successfully doing this with a US copy of the minitel. Does anyone know if it can be done successfully?

The DIN port in the back of the terminal has 6 pins. I’ve bought pretty much everything I need for the project but just looking to see if anyone had successfully done this. I’m an extremely novice hacker/tinkerer in training so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also – does anyone know if the US minitel is able to connect to the french minitel private servers? Or does anyone know if there are any US minitel private servers?

Hi, Minihotep and welcome here.

No idea where you’ve purchased a such terminal (but I hope that you’ve not taken one those I’ve seen recently on ebay what are uncredibily expansives)… well that told.

Connecting a regular Minitel to a RPi should be more or less easy, we’ll be able to see that later on.

Connecting an US-Videotel Minitel to a RPi might be another story - they are absolutely inexistant by the « good side of the atlantic », but as you’re very very lucky, I’ve grabbed yesterday what are possibly the only 2 pieces that still exist in europe, they’re still laying in my car. I need to examine this more closely as a Minitel should not have a 6 pin DIN, known connectors are only 5 or 8 pin ones.

So far, you currently have one option to connect your US Videotel Minitel (without using the DIN connector) : connect to a V23 videotext server - You may try to dial the HACKER’s phone nomber, another possibility would be to call any other existing micro-server or eventually Prestel access of

Regards - Hervé

As an update, this post (Minitel US-Videotel (en première mondiale ?)) in French.