Nos amis Anglais ont fait une trouvaille

Malheureusement, « Sold-out » … Ou est-il passé ? [60£ + 30£ de FDP + 20£ de taxes !!]

La bonne nouvelle - il n’est pas parti « n’importe où » et devrait être visible là :

Copier/coller du post/mail recu de Matthiew vers 19h en réponse au mien :

"I bought it, mostly by accident. I put in a low-ish offer expecting them to come back with something higher in which case I would have held off a few weeks, but they accepted it.

Thanks for the additional info Herve, that’s very interesting. The telephone connector and mains plug are both the UK variety so that coupled with the English keyboard makes me hopeful it’ll speak CEPT3

5000 units sounds possible, I’m fairly new to all this but didn’t realise an « English » Alcatel terminal existed until today. Someone might correct me if I’m wrong but it seems most users were using computers rather than dedicated terminals to access Prestel?

I’ll grab more photos and a video when it arrives.

As an aside, I’ve bought this and the Philips NMS6302 to demonstrate the Telstar system at a couple of events in June ( All credit to John of course ) the rest of the time they’ll be in storage. So if John or anyone else wants to borrow one for testing / documenting / fun I’m sure we could come up with something.