Philips NMS6302 - UK Version

Hello, I have recently purchased a Philiips NMS6302 - it’s almost identical to the Philips Minitel 2 but this one is for the UK Market.

I have been reading the French manual but not all the functions seem to work, and it has some extras. Does anyone know where I can find the manual for the UK version or Firmware? I am connecting an external modem to the peripheral port, and I seem unable to switch to ASCII mode or 9600 baud.

Thanks, and apologies for my lack of French

Hi Marrold

Welcome here - May be someone will have an idea ?

If I remember it right, on Minitel 2:

  • fnct T + A : to switch to ASCII mode
  • fnct P + 9 : to switch to 9600 baud on the DIN port

This can also be done thru protocol sequences send to the DIN port (at 1200 by default with 7 bits, event parity, 1 stop).

Hello, sorry for the delay. I was able to get it working by issuing the commands from the « Directory » screen.

Thank you

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