Playable Interactive Fictions with graphics intro

Two interactive fictions (text-adventures) on Retrocampus BBS
Port: 1651 (telnet/tcp)
Port: 8051 (wss/secure web socket)

Dialup: +39 0522 750051 (Italian number)

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The web access doesn’t seem working… Conection to wss:// also doesn’t work…

Strange… it seems to work for me on the web:

Where did you set the wss? Which client?

the link works fine for me…

Right, now it works! Strange! When I tried, I had the little reverse « C », but nothing more… I tried from your own page and from my own page Emulateur Minitel (with the address wss:// ).
Anyway, now it works from both pages ! thanks!

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Please let me know if you have any problem again!

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Working with a Minitel 5 via an ESP32 running Socketel :slight_smile:

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Wow! Do you have some photos of this?
Does Minitel 5 has round DIN serial connector?

Yep, it does. If you’re interested to know more about the minitel 5, i did pass some time looking at it here: GitHub - clxjaguar/minitel5: Minitel 5 somewhat reverse-engineered

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