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Bonjour à tout,
and here ends my French knowledge, i hope i can write in english because after italian is the only language i know. I’m Italian and as many of you may already knows we had in italy another system identical to minitel that was called VideoTel terminals was identical to the ones present in France at that time but they where branded SIP instead using a couple of terminals i’ve retrived in those years i was able to call the jelora server and noticed with my friends that in Italy we have a lot of those terminals all around. My goal is to learn how to build a server that my friend in italy and other enthusiasts like you can dial and have fun with it. Hope to have fun with you guys !

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Hello and welcome here ! :slight_smile:

Bienvenue !

Good (best ?) place to learn about minitel and minitel servers.

Hello, welcome :slight_smile:

Hi. Good to see Italian people. So many good times I’ve had in Milano . I’ve never saw an Italian minitel. Interesting.