Serveur ATOMIO **

Hello, can someone help me configure ATOMIO to manage the AT command of the usr robotics modem as it seems that the modem initialization string is wrong, as it does not go to 1200/75 baud, atomio runs on win server 2003.

What do you use for modem ? ^^ The only one i know working with atomio or multi m is « olicom v92 ready », it was use for internet connection 56k, fax, voicemail and of course… minitel modem, working to be use with a computer to access to the minitel’s services and good to be use for to host your own server on your computer too !

Hi Hytrel, I use the usr robotics 56k fax modem, I saw them that the modem supports the Bell itu or minitel standard

Try to buy one to test it, you will see it perfectly work with an Olicom :slight_smile:
Look for « Olicom v92 ready » on (you can find it for 5€ !) (or an italian site like this one) Maybe you will can have the delivery by Mondial Relay, i know it’s also avaible in Italy :wink:

Do you had try Atomio or Multi M with windows 2000 or 98 ?
I don’t know if it make it work better, but my second server run on windows 2000 with Multi M, Perfectly work :slight_smile:

Hi Hytrel
MULTI M doesn’t work on Win 2003 if I try to buy modem as you tell me, I’ll let you know, in the configuration I haven’t touched anything of Atomio.