Telic Alcatel Minitel and Iodeo's WiFi modem

Hello, I have bought a Teli Alcatel Minitel, here are picture attached.
It seems that Iodeo’s WiFi modem does not work. It is not powered by Minitel, but it’s not a problem: I have powered it through USB port. Once powered, no information is exchanged through the DIN port. Can this problem be solved? Thanks in advance!

Bonjour, j’ai acheté un Teli Alcatel Minitel, voici les photos ci-jointes.
Il semblerait que le modem WiFi d’Iodeo ne fonctionne pas. Il n’est pas alimenté par Minitel, mais ce n’est pas un problème : je l’ai alimenté via le port USB. Une fois alimenté, aucune information n’est échangée via le port DIN. Ce problème peut-il être résolu ? Merci d’avance!

Two further photos with better light:


You can check if something is going in/out the din port looking at LEDs RX2 TX2 on the devboard.

If you type something on the keyboard, RX2 is supposed to blink.
And if your program is sending something, TX2 would blink.

Besides, minitel1 protocol is little bit limited compared to minitel1 bistandard and later.
If I remember well, the CSIs command are not supported in particular.

I have a version of telnet_pro for m1 if you want !
I’ve done very few verifications on it so I haven’t publised yet…

Did you have this specific model of terminal and did some patch to make it work?
(Did I understand?)

yes, not exactly the same model but I think it works same way
I’m adding code on github

edit: here it is

This new code is compatible with both Minitel1B and this new kind?

Yes I think so. I need to verify that everything works on both models but it may replace the m1b version at the end. Note that the server you connect needs to be compatible too

Just tried with the source you linked (main branch), no change:

1;1H is the sequence for « MoveCursor(1,1) », so the characters are received…

It seems that Teletel protocol doesn’t work… But why?

This sequence is for Minitel 1B minimum and you have a Minitel 1.

There is no moveCursor in the minitel1_telnet program
You must have picked minitel1b_telnet instead

Yep, I used Minitel1B_Telnet_Pro.

I flashed just now Minitel1_Telnet_Pro, nothing changes but « 1;1H » does not appear.

Just black screen, I can type letters and they appear on the screen, but nothing more

Tried with both 1200 and 4800 bps (modifying the #define in the source)

I’ve just tested on mine and it works… No idea what can be the difference between our minitels. Mine is like this

You may start with a simple program just trying to searchSpeed and print hello world
For info, DIN speed is limited to 1200 on these models.

1 « J'aime »

Both models are supposed to embed the same electronics, except for keyboard, still, they have to have the same rom too. If not found on the label, you can get it from a command that you can send from a « reversed » M1b connected via the phone line, or a PC terminal emulator connected on the serial port.

J’ai testé la commande d’identification du terminal 1/B 3/9 7/B sur mon matra M1 et … aucune réponse.

La différence de clavier ne peut pas expliquer un comportement différent au niveau de la prise péri-info.

For reference, this project use same model as your :

code is there GitHub - goguelnikov/TelegramMinitelChat: Telegram Minitel Chat for ESP32
(see src/main.cpp)

J’indiquais juste la différence de clavier, car ils ne sont pas totalement identiques, par contre, il se peut que la ROM soit différente? Par contre, je ne sais pas s’il est censé répondre à ces commandes que tu cites, mais il y a une combinaison clavier impliquant des touches présentes à partir du M1b qui doit fonctionner, si jamais ce n’est pas la même séquence.

Sblendorio> Do you have any other Minitel to test your WiFi Modem with?

Hi Louis, I just realized that after updating Arduino IDE, the new flashed firmware does not work anymore.

Maybe the update has changed some setting in Tool menu, could please share your settings? Mine are these:

It’s my new installed version

I realized that the issue is not Arduino IDE, but the MacOS Sonoma update 14.4.1

ASAP I will make a try with a Linux machine

Just tried with a linuxbox but have the same issue :frowning:

DIN port does not receive/transmit anymore…

Louis can you have a try with the updated Arduino IDE? The main hypotesis is the arduino ide update…