Using Minitel as a Serial input and output

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Is it possible to have a Minitel transmit its text inputs and receive text outputs via Serial? Or is there another method to make this work?
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Est-il possible qu’un Minitel transmette ses entrées de texte et reçoive des sorties de texte via Serial? Ou existe-t-il une autre méthode pour que cela fonctionne?

I am currently working on a project where I want to use a Minitel as a input+output terminal for text commands for my home automation. The idea is to have the Minitel communicate its inputs to an Arduino (hopefully via serial) with which the Arduino can instruct my hub and then returns an output. I am not used to the OS and my french skills are non-existent, therefore I hoped dearly this forum could help me.

Ideally, I don’t wanna use a Pi with Linux as this would require more integrations and will make my system more complex then I’d like. However, if this is the only viable option, please tell me.

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A Minitel is a terminal, and most of them have a DIN5 port which is a serial port.

The only thing is that it is not RS232 levels (12v) but TTL level (5v).

It is limited to 7bits/even parity/1 stop, the speed goes from 1200 to 4800 (M1b and above) or even 9600 for the Magis Club

One thing to consider, a Minitel power usage is around 40W :wink:


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