Wikipedia on Minitel

Hi everybody!

Here is Wikipedia on my French minitel:

It’s hosted on Retrocampus BBS! Dialup number is +390522750051
Server is
port 1651 for minitel, 23 for general devices.

Enjoy it!

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D’accord :+1: c’est super :ok_hand: tant mieux pour toi :slight_smile:

Nice !

It would be great if you try to detect what kind of Minitel is connected (Minitel 2 ou not) and display DRCS logo or semigraphic logo :wink:

How can I detect the kind of Minitel?

Each Minitel model has a ROM code.
Here is a list of most of Minitels with the ROM code in hexadecimal on the 4th column :
(Sorry we have Minitel documentation only in French :grin:)

Send 1B397B (hexadecimal values) to the Minitel and it will send you back 5 words with 01 (hex value), one 7bit word for the manufacturer, one more 7bit word for the ROM code and 2 others 7bit words.
And you will know what kind of Minitel is connected !

Here is some examples :

It’s like « getUserAgent » on a web browser ! :wink:

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Very interesting! My ADF258 and Terminatel258 (Alcatel) return both 0143763104 (see images)
What kind of terminal are they, related to your table?
(to test it: go to - port 4321)

I’m looking for criterion « has DRCS, has not DRCS ».
Could it be the third byte « greater than or equal to 0x76 » as a good test?


The most interesting to me is your Terminatel respond to an insctruction designed for Minitel !
43 => Telic Alcatel
76 => Minitel 2

Now we know that the ADF256 and the Terminatel 258 identify themself as a Minitel 2 !


Not valid because M10 with 0x77 is just a luxury M1B
According to the table, it should work only with 0x76 (Minitel 2) and 0x7A (Minitel 2)
I don’t know the byte value for later Minitels.

Your hypotesis seems right.
Here are result on adf258 and terminatel258

P. S. Do you have terminals which support DRCS? on I tried to do the trick.

I have a Minitel 12 and a Minitel 2 that can suppot DRCS but I have nothing to try to connect on websocket, only by phoneline.
I tried by calling your server but it displayed me garbage when I tried to display the Wikipedia page …

Could you try via websocket on port 8051 of my server ?

P. S. Why are you looking for a websocket and not for a regular tcp socket (« telnet ») ?

I said « websocket » because it’s what is used the most (I think) for Minitel servers in France that you can connect through Internet with a web emulator or a ESP32 (or something else) connected to the serial port of the Minitel.

With my Minitel, I can’t. It has nothing to connect to something on Internet.

May I ask you something? To connect with your dial-up and select « Z » from main menu, then post a photo?

Like this

I got this :

It showed up very briefly then went back to the main menu.

If there are no DRCS… use blocky chars! Here is the splash screen

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